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Trapped in a lonely room
Unable to forgive
Autism a street death
A different kind of pain)
False friends!
Buried in the Old Testament Bach memories r
I started blankly /
War continues to vector off
Rain blurred my sight.
Pain to not be in pain
Mo Yi amnesia,
I can only unrequited love ◆ ◇
I'm afraid speechless
Treacherous, everywhere
From Rose ⅠThekhoi
The way he city
Dian twist word into the wound
World upside
| Go to the left to go left |

Matt blind way
г bitch
~ Sad taste, only I know
Twilight Love, abandoned helpless
Kongjinggurao people
Separated island
The more love the more lonely!
Autumn, colorful leaves
Nowhere to place the pain
Can he abandoned
I thought I had you
Zang buried people buried love love
After embracing say break
ご original love so hurt
Lonely as a friend @
Heartbreak · Utopia
Curcuma ∥∩ destroy themselves ┣┊
Memory shi become extremely cold
Encroach Di multitudinous lips.
Baby の that only memories
Cold look at the stars,
々 hurt by you
Street Jiaotingluodian
He is a mention on the pain I dream
From light
Gentle was stranded.
Xia ① Station - → blurred
Tired not call x1 ≠
- Sings from the heart)
Cool Love @


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